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Floor & Wall Cleaner

A foaming, unscented cleaner & disinfectant suitable for cleaning floors, walls and other non-food contact surfaces.

A unique USFDA approved formulation composed of biodegradable, natural and GRAS classified ingredients mixed with a powerful detergent ensuring floors & walls are cleansed & disinfected in a highly effective, safe, healthy, and ecofriendly manner.

Floor & Wall Cleaner


  • Offers rapid & long-term disinfection keeping floors & walls clean for longer

  • Eliminates tinged odors effortlessly

  • Chlorine & alcohol free disinfection

  • Nontoxic, noncarcinogenic & non-mutagenic

  • Nonirritant to respiratory tracts, eyes, & skin

  • Based on a US patent & USFDA approval formulation

  • Ecofriendly, biodegradable, & harmless


  • USFDA Approved Formulations for Food Additives Permitted for Direct Addition to Food for Human Consumption (CFR No. 21 CFR 172).

  • Registered Food Contact Substance Notification in the USFDA (FCN No. 295& No. 296).

  • USPTO registered formulation patents (No. 6,242,009 & No. 6,939,566).

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