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We value quality, especially when hygiene and disinfection is applied in food & beverages environment, either directly or indirectly, we consider these hygiene sensitive areas throughout our continuous testing to ensure safety and efficacy. We always encourage our clients to conduct their own testing to ensure that not only that our product is safe and effective, but their disinfection and quality objectives are achieved.

Paired with the continuous testing and quality checks, our products are based on a formulation is based on a USFDA approved formulation with Food Contact Notifications which validate our formulation safety, reference to the formulation approvals are attached below.

We are also under processing ISO9000:2015 for Quality Management System as one of our efforts to pursue quality in our production.  

  • USFDA Approved Formulations for Food Additives Permitted for Direct Addition to Food for Human Consumption (CFR No. 21 CFR 172).

  • Registered Food Contact Substance Notification in the USFDA (FCN No. 295 & No. 296).

  • USPTO registered formulation patents (No. 6,242,009 & No. 6,939,566).

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