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Help & FAQs

  • Are AOBIO products formulated by USFDA or only the components?
    The active ingredients are H2O2 and silver, both of which are approved by the USFDA; the rest of the formulation composition is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) inert. The active ingredients are approved by the USFDA through Food Contact Notifications (FCNs). More information about our H2O2 (FCN No. 295) and Silver (FCN No. 296) listings can be found on the USFDA website.
  • What does it mean to have USFDA approval?
    The majority of products that claim to have a similar formulation do not have a USFDA that permits the use of the chemical in food contact surfaces or as a direct additive, making obtaining the USFDA approval a very difficult and demanding process.
  • Do AOBIO products eliminate all types of microorganisms?
    Every AOBIO product is built on a patented formulation, which means it works well against the majority of microorganism types, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, biofilms, and mold.
  • Are AOBIO products environmentally friendly?
    The majority of AOBIO products are biodegradable, which has no appreciable environmental impact. Products that are not environmentally friendly contain fewer harmful substances than is typical for the sector.
  • Do AOBIO products produce any by-products?
    Since the product biodegrades to water and oxygen during disinfection, no byproducts are created.
  • Are all your products suitable for food contact surfaces?
    The only products that can be applied directly to food without rinsing are those that fall under the AlphaSafe category. However, before using a product, always read the directions for use.
  • Why do AOBIO products contain Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver?
    When combined, hydrogen peroxide and silver are the most effective and safe disinfecting chemicals in the world; they work in harmony with no side effects.
  • What AOBIO products have NSF certification?
    The only NSF-certified product at Alpha Omega Bio right now is Alpha Aqua Safe Bottled Drinking Water Disinfectant. Alpha Aqua Safe is approved for NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals.
  • How do AOBIO products differ from other disinfectants, cleaners, and hygienic chemicals?
    Since our formula obliterates the DNA of the microorganisms, no immunity can develop even after repeated use. Contrary to conventional chemical products that break down cell membranes, microorganisms can develop resistance to them, necessitating the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Do AOBIO products leave any residue?
    When silver is diluted in accordance with usage instructions, acceptable levels of silver residue are formed on surfaces. Any residue that is still present can be removed by wiping with a cloth.
  • What does food grade product mean?
    Pure chemicals used in food grade products are approved for use on surfaces in contact with food when diluted to use concentrations and don't require rinsing.
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